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Stop Smoking Now and Enjoy Life!

You can be completely free and never return to both the habit of smoking and your dependence on nicotine, again.

You can be healthier.   

You can be more attractive.  

You can smell better. 

You can live longer.   

You can be kinder to othersAnd ...

You can have more money for the things you need and desire.

If you are a serious smoker ... and now serious about quitting once and for all ... serious help is available.  Success can certainly be yours.   

Your habit of puffing on cigarettes

      and your addiction to nicotine

                  can be things of the past. 

That's A Promise You Can Count On! 

A comprehensive and effective step-by-step smoking cessation program that you can follow in the privacy of your own home is now available to give you COMPLETE AND LASTING FREEDOM from "the single largest preventable cause of disease and death in our society."  

Take a few minutes, and learn about a program that offers you an integration of the best mind-body strategies known in medicine and psychology today to give you a new lease on life.  It's a program that goes above and beyond  other stop-smoking programs.

It's a comprehensive cessation program that explains:       

            ▪ Why you likely started to smoke ... This may surprise you.

            ▪ What happens in your body when you smoke …Yikes!

            ▪ The situational triggers that prompt you to smoke …You need to 

            ▪ The emotional dynamics that might be behind your habit … Are you

            ▪ The bio-chemistry of nicotine addiction … It’s very clear – and

            ▪ Behavior patterns connected with smoking that you may need to 
               bring to conscious awareness ... then break.

In other words, it is loaded with solid information, to put you back in control – not the cigarettes (or the pipe or the cigars).

But, there’s more … also revealed are:

 √  Specific ways to break your behavior patterns

 √  The nicotine replacement therapies that can be helpful

 √  Medications that offer support in reducing your cravings

   How to structure a step-down program that will ease your 
     withdrawal from nicotine-dependency

 √  A diet to support you through withdrawal and avoid weight gain. 
     You could even lose a few pounds, if you want to

 √  A positive way to redefine yourself as a nonsmoker

 √  Guidance in effective self-management

 √  Self-hypnosis to renew your thinking and settle your future  

You can live as a non-smoker, not one "trying to quit."

It’s all here … told in an honest, yet encouraging way… and ready to be downloaded.  Your success is all that matters. 

Please Note: I do not want you to be a person who tries over and over to quit, then falls back feeling defeated ... as so many do.  I want to empower you to lasting freedom from tobacco … to be habit free and living a brand new way.

Yes, I said “lasting freedom”.  But, let’s be clear … honesty is very important.  What I am going to recommend to you is not a quick-fix remedy to a very complex problem.  The quick-fix approach seldom works, if at all, and too many people continue to struggle after numerous attempts to quit.  Other than a book that will lead you through a complete cessation program, I am not trying to sell you anything, i.e., any particular treatment product or products.  There's plenty of them available elsewhere.

What has not been available until now is a comprehensive program that integrates many strategies into an effective response that brings about complete and lasting freedom. And, that is what this program is all about.

It's a program for people who are serious and want real help to quit.  It's for people who recognize they are up against a difficult opponent in smoking … even people who may have tried to quit many times.

Smoking is very complicated.  Therefore, let me say it again … I am not offering you a simple solution to what is a very stubborn condition that is quietly taking many lives and hurting many others.  I can't do that.  Your total and lasting freedom are more important to me.

Let me give you two examples right from the internet …

1.  One organization writes “20 to 40% of participants are able to quit and stay off cigarettes for at least one year.” 

20 to 40 percent?  One year? ... That's not good enough.  Clearly, more has to be made available.

 2.  Another writes “Ready to become a nonsmoker?  It’s easier with     hypnosis.” 

The author is right, of course.  Hypnosis does help.  It is one of the tools you will use in the Smoke No More program, too.  But, a lot of people have tried hypnosis.  Too many, however, were either unsuccessful in quitting after doing so or slipped back to being smokers again within a short period of time, in my experience.  Clearly, there is more to this business of stopping and stopping for good.

Smoking is a complex, multi-dimensional issue.  And, because you are a multi-dimensional person, a multi-dimensional stop smoking program is necessary.  It must cover virtually all of the important details, explain every step in a planned process, and support life-long success.

That is what I am offering

Did you notice I said life-long success?  What could be better than that?

Of course, you can merely slap on a patch, take an herbal preparation, use a highly advertised medication to help you through withdrawal, or chew nicotine replacement gum for a while; but, your chances of long-term success will be seriously compromised, if that is all you do.  Those measures can help, but relapse rates are very high, when they are used alone.  Staying quit has to be addressed, too.

Or, you can simply stop “cold-turkey”.  You’ll just tighten your jaw and hang on.  But, that can be tough … real tough, if you are a regular smoker.  “Excruciatingly difficult” is actually how it has been described by others.  But, my hats off to those who can do this.

The research shows, though, that although 70 percent of smokers want to quit, only 2.5 percent of them are successful in both America and Europe in any given year.

No, No, No ... there is a better way.

Hello, I am Fred Wicks, a psychologist (click here for my bio) who has researched this difficult and life-threatening problem of smoking extensively, and successfully helped others find freedom. 

Until recently, my program was available only to my private clients at Alliance Center for Change located in suburban Philadelphia.  Now, however, I want to offer it to as many people as I can because, 50 million Americans and many more the world over are still captive to this destructive habit, and more than 3000 teens become new smokers every day.  To me, these facts represent a terrible and unnecessary tragedy.

Your health, your attractiveness, your children (or future children), your life-partner, your friends, your prosperity, your enjoyment of life, and your length of life are all important.   And, they are all impacted by your habit of smoking.

That is why I have pulled together a wealth of information, and a workable stopping process that puts you in charge, encourages you on your road to freedom, gives you the tools you need, and guides you step by step to long-term success.

Notice again, I said long-term successYou have the ability here to be a non-smoker for the rest of your life. 

I know the plan works!.

In my book, I even tell you what I think does not work very well and why.  I explain what likely started you smoking, what is happening behind the scene as you smoke, the unconscious forces that are at work within you to keep you smoking, the bio-chemistry of your nicotine-dependency, and the consequences of continuing your habit.

At the same time, however, I equip you with strategies, resources, suggestions, plans, instruction, encouragement, and guided practice of things you can do on your own to achieve your goal of complete freedom from tobacco.

Think of it as a journey that you and I will take together.  I will guide you every step of the way.  But, I won’t be there living in your house (which can now smell better), or riding in your car with you (in fresher air), or engaging your family and friends (who will also be healthier and happier), or watching you do better (in sports activities, social encounters, romance, your career, etc.).

Along the way, I will be describing what you should be alert to and the mental posturing you can take as you get free.  You see – I like reality.  And, although the road to stopping your habit for good is not a simple one, it is quite manageable and I will be your supporter and guide to freedom.

In the end, you are going to conquer the forces that work to keep you captive ... and have the tools or weapons to stay free.  This is a war, after all ... we are fighting for your life! 

Maybe, you don't see it that way right now ... but it is certainly true. 

Am I being dramatic? ... I don’t think so.  But, you will have to read the book to understand the battle we are engaged in and the heavy casualties that are taken -- everyday.

For about the cost of routine service for your car, or buying a nice pair of slacks at a department store, or taking a date to dinner and a movies (with popcorn and sodas, of course), you can make a dramatic change in your life … a change for the better that can be life-long. 

For only $37.99, you can download my informative, multi-dimensional treatment program that covers all of the important issues to stop smoking and provides you with activities and encouragement to manage your own mind and body effectively.  You can be smoke free Absolutely!  Do I need to say it again? ... Absolutely! ... I know it is true.

Others have done it ...  so can you.  All you have to do is read each chapter and conscientiously follow the program as it is laid out for you.  Take each step and invest in your future.

If you care about you as much as I care about you, whom I’ve probably never met; and, if you are willing to follow through on the guidance I will give you, this will be an easy program to complete and well worth your investment.  Yes, it will take a little time – three or four weeks, perhaps (maybe longer for some); but, everything you need is included.

By the way, what's three or four weeks ... compared to years of physical illness and shortening your life by maybe fourteen or fifteen years? 

Remember, for only $37.99, you can download all the information regarding what drives your habit, plus …

▪  Specific ways to break your behavior patterns … like lighting up whenever you get in the car, maybe, or reaching for your cigarettes first thing in the morning.  You will be in charge, making conscious choices to interrupt your unconscious patterns. 

▪  Discussion of the nicotine replacement therapies that can be helpful.  Yes, they have worked for some folks … a few ... and for a while.  Used in concert with other strategies that I explain in the program, however, your total victory is much more certain.

 ▪  Information on non-nicotine medications that can be beneficial in reducing your cravings during withdrawal.  The pertinent research is included.

I will also explain, with an example …

▪  How to structure a step-down program that will ease withdrawal.  An actual schedule and practical suggestions for success are included.

▪  A diet to support you through withdrawal and let you avoid weight gain. You really can lose a few pounds while easing through withdrawal from nicotine dependency.

Lastly, you will learn …

▪  A new and positive way to define yourself and manage your life.  Again, you are in charge.  I will show you how, though… and you will probably love it.  And finally,

▪  Guided self-hypnosis where you are in complete control to renew your thinking and define your future as a successful non-smoker … not as one who is merely “trying to quit”.

Let’s do it together

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As an added incentive for the first 100 individuals who started to smoke before they were 18 years of age (80% of smokers do so) and who promise to share their experience after they finish the program, you get the program at 50% off the list price.  When you read through the program, you will understand how I carry a heavy burden for the youth of America who are getting trapped by this deadly habit in increasing numbers.  All I want you to do is write to me telling me your story of how, when, and why you started smoking, and the value of my program in helping you quit.  You can do this during or after you finish the program, of course.  But remember, the counter is running, so order now.  By sharing your story, you will be helping me help others.


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Still not convinced?  Let me share with you the Vickie Christie Story by following this link.  Her story is completely free.  And, as an added bonus, I will even provide a Fact Sheet to stir your thinking about smoking that comes right from the Smoke No More materials.

After reading these two free items, you can return to this page and download the complete ebook that gives you the comprehensive and tested program ... the program that takes you step by step through all the necessary elements that lead to complete and lasting freedom from captivity to tobacco.  Once there, remember, you will be healthier, more attractive, wealthier, able to enjoy life more, kinder to your friends and family, and personally proud that you kicked your habit once and for all.

Others have done it.  So, can you.

Remember, it’s all for only $37.99 – unless you are one of the first 100
who started to smoke before you were 18 and are willing to share your experience after using the program.  In that case, it is yours for only $18.99.

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